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Luis Guardamino Villegas

About the artist
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Was born in Huamantanga, Canta, Lima, Perú.

1976: Graduated from the Peruvian National School of Fine Arts (ENSABAP) 

1979: Bachelor degree in the speciality of Painting and Drawing in the Peruvian National School of Fine Arts (ENSABAP) 

1999: Profesional degree in the speciality of Painting in the Peruvian National School of Fine Arts (ENSABAP)

1976: Honorable mention "Peruvian National School of Fine Arts" (ENSABAP) Promotion "Juan Ugarte Elespuru"
1977: Honorable mention "VII Nacional Hall of Watercolor"
Individual "Solo" Exhibitions
1985: Art gallery of the "Instituto Cultural Peruano-Norteamericano" (ICPNA) Lima
1988: Art gallery of the Santa Elisa Cooperative-Lima
1990: Italian Art Museum - Lima
1991: Gallery of the Savings Bank- Lima
1993: Art gallery "Matices" San Isidro - Lima
1994: Art gallery "Yachay" Independencia - Lima
1995: Art gallery "América 92" - Lima
2000: Art gallery of the Peruvian-Russian Cultural Center- Lima
2004: Art gallery UNIFE - Lima
2007: Art gallery "Las Américas" - Lima
Collective Exhibitions
Since 1972 up to date, he has held more than 200 collective exhibitions in several peruvian and international state and private agencies. Among the most important are:
1998: "Art America" I Latin Maerican Art Fair. Madrid - España
2001: "VII edition of the RABAT fest" - Marruecos
2002: "Young Contemporary Painters", Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro - Brasil / "Art in Palace" -  Lima
2003: "Art Night" US Embassy - Lima
2004: "Let art" Jurado Nacional de Elecciones (JNE) - Lima
2005: "Art with rights"  Museum of the Nation - Lima
2006: "Art Night" US Embassy - Lima
2007: III Hall "Art with rights"  Museum of the Nation- Lima

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