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Luis Guardamino Villegas

About the artist
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About the artist


"Spring Colors" Art Gallery "The Americas"
It is a theme always present in the palette and in the mind of Luis Guardamino, each stroke of broad brush strokes that make kissing his brush in virginal and white canvas, their colors are shaken immediately and take force as a gale of life, where nothing is sleeping, everything is movement. Its trees, cactus and wildflowers seem to dance the hiss of a villager huayno, where this fellow artist enters with his internal solitude, in the beautiful landscapes that give us the width and length of our country. That seems to feel the scent of wet earth or the swirl of agitated land that will be applied in the context of his work.
Lucho, also is the founder and promoter of the Association of Plastic Artists of Peru "Trascenderes" both colleagues and friends we pleased for his tenacious push for unity and progress as regards art with a search for identity.
To him our best wishes in their quest for beauty.
Josť Pareja
Chairman of Association of the Peruvian
Plastic Artists  "Trascenderes"


"Peruvian people and landscape" Peruvian-Russian Cultural Center Art Galery

Luis Guardamino Villegas was born in Huamantanga-Canta and studied in “Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes” in Lima. Already finished his first academic objectives, he decided to make his own space in the Peruvian market of painting. He has assumed a responsibility with absolutely serenity and now, owner of his job walks toward the facing of the tradition and, costumes of our people in the different places with that love he knows how to keep in his blood by our culture.

Finishing a first stage, his work is focused now to the plastic essence, bringing more attention to the colors, always interested in saying his truth in a simply and serene way.

It is admirable how Guardamino can express his voice made with shape and color when he paints the nature, the agriculture, the religiosity of his place formed by faith and hopeless.

I assumed this painter is entirely focused to succeed; he has all the tools and also his passion for painting that for him and many ones is a real language.

When many painters worry to succeed as soon as possible by imitating vanguards’ art, Guardamino work hardly on his roots, studying our history and taking reference of the ancient cultures that may be the real base to build a Peruvian art that goes beyond of our limits.


Oscar Allain

Chairman of Association of
the Peruvian Plastic Artists ASPAP

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